In the sacraments of initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist – we are freed from the power of darkness.
We are joined to Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
We receive the Spirit of adoption making us God’s sons and daughters.
With the entire people of God we celebrate the memorial of the Lord’s death and resurrection.

Baptisms at St Columbkille’s on request and availability of Priest.


Through Baptism a person is welcomed into the Church community. The person – infant, child or adult – enters into the life of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – through the waters of Baptism. He or she is dedicated to God and all that is good. The bond of Baptism binds a person to God forever; the bond is unbreakable and unrepeatable.
You will need to attend a preparation meeting, which are held monthly, with our Priest. Please fill in the Google form below the next meetings are:
Our priest will then arrange the Baptism with you once you attend the meeting.
Please note there are only 8 spaces available at each meeting.
For more information about Baptising your child, please see the Priest after Mass, or contact the Parish Office.

Baptism Information

Find out about the different parts of the celebration of baptism, what it all means, and how you can respond here.

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